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Default Curtiss Jenny Canada Propeller

Hi new to here.
I have a wooden propeller that appears to be from a Curtiss Jenny made in Canada. Stamp markings on what I believe is the face side is as follows: each edge of the hub towards the blades are a circle stamped with A I D 0 2 inside the circles. Below one circle is 8-3 X500 and below that is RIGHT HAND. Below the other circle is 137 below that is a small rectangle stamped with CA LTD 41 inside it. Below the rectangle is 5079 and below that is A.J. Edmonds. Hub wood diameter is 7 1/2 inches, hub thickness is 4 inches, centre hole is 2 11/16 inches, widest point on blade is 8 7/16 inches, 8 holes spaced 2 inches apart and 5 1/4 inches across. This propeller is in what I would call 80 to 90 percent condition. Any help identifying this propeller would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Cyril

Will put up pictures once I figure out how to do that if anyone wants a look.
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