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The sale of the WW1 propeller collection of fellow-forumite Gert de Leeuw took place on Friday 13 May, at the auction house of Dominic Winter in England.

Forty-seven WW1 propellers were offered for sale, many of them particularly rare and interesting. They were predominantly German with a few British, French and Dutch.

Eighteen failed to sell, 38%, and twenty-nine sold, 61% (ignoring decimal places). Bringing a large specialist collection to auction has always been regarded in the antique trade as risky.

The prices achieved were low, often at or around the reserve figure, resulting in some bargains. A four bladed British FE2B prop sold for a hammer price of 2300. With the auctioneer's commission of 23.40% this rises to 2838. By contrast a dealer on eBay is offering a similar sort of four-bladed prop for just under 9000, about three times as much. Unsurprisingly it has been on eBay for some time and has not sold.

As an aside, eBay was once a place where bargains could be found. The uncertainty of eBay, (buying from someone unknown, buying something you could not properly inspect and the fear of fakes and misrepresentation) led to much lower prices being realized. These constraints still apply but some eBayers now ask for prices comparable to those of a reputable dealer with a shop.

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