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Default Sale of a major collection of ww1 propellers

A forum member, Gert de Leeuw, is selling his collection of 47 propellers at auction at Dominic Winter in England on 12 & 13 May. The catalogue will be on the website in the near future. I'll advise when it appears.

Initially all will be offered as one lot with an estimate of 50,000-80,000 GBP. If they fail to sell as one lot, they will be offered individually (where 50,000 divided by 47 suggests reserves starting at about 1100.00), although prices are likely to vary widely from a four-bladed prop to one or two prop remnants comprising a hub and blade roots.

I think Gert bought some of his props from me. More important is that I have visited him several times to photograph and record all his props and many of them appear in my books on British and German WW1 Propellers.

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Bob Gardner
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