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Originally Posted by Bob Gardner
"Moin!" -- wie die Leute im Norden sagen! Ich wuntsche Ihnen eine Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!

I could once speak colloquial German but no more. I am moderately able to read German script, sufficient to understand the basics, but it is a struggle and involves copious use of my dictionaries and translation devices such as Altavista.
Languages are sort of my occupation (I teach linguistics and second language acquisition) and in addition to German speak quite good Spanish (my wife is from Mexico) as well as some conversational Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, and Danish. I can read German (and to a somewhat lesser degree, speak) fairly effortlessly, including the research literature in my speciality. But reading "engineering German" takes a lot of work.

BTW, I've recently come across an excellent online English/German-German-English dictionary that also includes technical vocabularly.

When I find my photo of the Reschke prop I'll e-mail it to you.
It will be much appreciated. I've decided I'll do both one of the Reschke props, which seem to be very common on the CI's, as well as the other more curved "striped" prop that I'm still trying to identify. A closer examination of the photo with a loupe reveals a second white-ish circular decal. I believe this is probably the Germania decal. So if you also happen to have a photo of a 1916-17 era Germania prop (curved, light/dark laminations with offset blades) for the Mercedes or Benz engine that would be fantastic.

I'm only doing these up as static display props since the RC engines run at too high an RPM to use a scale diameter prop without a reduction drive system.

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