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Hi Ronnie,

A belated reply. I have spent much of the last few months in and out of hospital having an op on a damaged vertebrae (L3 for the cognoscenti amongst you) which was caused by an over-enthusiastic British Army helo pilot several decades ago, which eventually caused a latter-day spinal constriction. The op was a success, but I fell a few weeks later, so we went through the process again, with a remedial op.

The answer to your question on the opposites of the German EDULZUG (Entgegen dem Uhrzeiger Lauf) which tr. as Against-the-direction-in-which-the hour hand-runs indicating anti-clockwise, are two fold;
Clockwise is described in German as MDUL (where M indicates with, as opposed to the letter E indicating Entgegen for against.)

[But note that this German terminology refers to the direction of rotation viewed from the front of the aircraft, which is opposite to the British, French and American terminology, which describes the rotation as viewed from behind the propeller!]

Variations on this theme are MULZUG, indicating a simplified variation on MDULZUG.

And finally MULDRUCK, indicating a pusher prop turning clockwise, a rare occurrence.

I do hope you are paying attention. I may ask some questions later to test your comprehension.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers

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