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You owe your father a debt of gratitude. German propellers in original condition are not all that common, partly due to the destruction of most of them as part of the armistice after WW1. And having one with an intact metal hub is a bonus.

You should purchase Bob Gardner's book German Propeller Makers of WW1: Part One. He has several excellent pages about Axial propellers, including a list of aircraft associated with propeller numbers. In it he lists your model number "TP90E" as used on a Fokker DVII using the Mercedes 160 HP engine. Having a copy of his book kept with the propeller increases its value should it ever be sold. Actually, you should buy his full collection on German propellers.

I would estimate the present market value would be somewhere in the $6000 to $8000 range, but that's just a guess, and its future value is likely to be considerably higher. Be careful not to alter it in any way, as that just cuts it value down considerably. It's certainly a "collectible" item in my opinion.
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