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I have never seen any of the armor coatings crack which leads me to believe that the crack is in only the paint on the prop tip. If this is the case then you can fix it. If the armor coating is cracked then it cannot be repaired as the material is no longer available. I have remove the armor coating and it has to be done very carefully. You may get a large piece that comes off very easy but then there will be an area that will stick and may pull some wood with it. I took me about three to four hours to do both blades. And because the metal leading edge is put on after the armor coating you would need to carefully score (not cut through) the coating so it will shear off at the score line. When you refinish the prop this area fills in nicely and is not noticeable.
On another note - the FAA does allow repair to wooden non airworthy props if the repair is done per the FAR's. (regulations)
Also from the original question - I do not have any info on serial number to determine the age of the propellers which is a real bummer.
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