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Joe A
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Thanks much and it also comes highly recommended by Paul Agaliotis on the left coast, so they are my next choice. Just need to get ahold of them on Tuesday when they are open.


Thanks and the question is, "is the prop airworthy" right now? It very well could be, on the other hand it may not, so that is why I was asking. As a 30 year A&P I have seen a lot of wooden props but never worked with an armor coated version.

One problem we have is that the prop in question is only used on the Aeronca Sedan aircraft. Not a lot of them left out there these days and as well not many prop companies making new props for the Sedan. Sensenich does not have ANY for this application and not sure about McCauley.

Looking at ACS's webpage they do not list any props for this application. Even if I were rich, which I am not (am actually unemployed for the last 8 months) just going out to buy a new prop is not always an option. As well I would much rather save a old prop if possible as someday there may not be any more available. There are far too many hanging on the wall with a clock stuffed in the middle as it is.


Joe A
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