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Hi Bob
Your comment on the leading edge makes my think,the Reinforcement might well be some repair.The leading edge is vunerable when landing in high grass,corn,etc.The tips or hole prop when nosediving.(Very common according to history)
And,if its a repair it will explain the lack of any decals,a refurbish would include;cutting,sanding,lacquering...
I have seen a pic. of The Fokker III on the net somewhere,with a prop shaped like the Reschke,Though the lamination was more rough (fewer layers) and it seemed to have a very light wood in it.Cant find the pic!?
Do you (ore anyone) have some info on when the 100ps.was aviable ?
Did Reschke and/or other german prop manufactories,used the name gnome,also for the oberursel version ?
Just trying to add some bricks to my puzzle !

PS Sorry about my english,hope its clear enough.
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