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Hi Bob
Hope you dont spent the night reseaching.
Thanks again.
Sorry theres no other markings than those on the pic.
Your proberly right about the shape,it is very distinctive with
the straight leading egde.
Do you got any info about Reschke factory ?
I would like to think the prop was used on the flying boat,the small diameter seem to be perfect.
Even if the prop is german,this says nothing about the actuel airplane
Denmark was neutral at the time and imported planes,motors,spareparts from England,France,Germany,....
The prop could be made for any of the planes using the Gnome 100 PS
But this is a very good start,i will now try to ask our
"Teknisk Museum" if they got any records of Reschke.

I might even take more pics of planes,props and motors,while im there,but im not sure this is the right forum to post them ?
The Motor and flying-boat pics was taken at "Teknisk Museum" in Helsingør.

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