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I have not made much progress.

The summary is that the 100ps Gnome, which is a French engine, is rare amongst German Aircraft. It was copied by Oberursel and is much more common in this form as the U I. It powered the Fokker E's, mostly the Fokker EIII, I believe. Both Behrend & Rüggebrecht and Heine made props for this engine with a diameter of 2500mm, but with a pitch of 2200mm, whereas yours has a pitch of 2000mm.

Type is not a German word. The equivalent is TYP, so the last line of data might read TYP EX, but I have no idea what this means. It is unlikley to mean experimental; in German aviation at this time that would be represented by the letter V for Versuchs.

How are you getting on with sending me a photo of the complete prop? That might enable me to identify the maker. Are there any other markings on the hub or on the blades?

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