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Default Flying Boat Propeller?

According to family lore, this prop came from a Curtis Flying Boat although in a family of non-pilots, nobody else knows what that is. Lots of stories about an aquisition from the US government by a non-pilot great-grandfather who just sort of skimmed it along the waters of Lake Erie. Supposedly, it was moored during a large storm and destroyed.

Here's what I DO know.
8' total lenth
4" Thick at hub
11.5" Max blade chord

Hub has an 8 hole mount and is 2.75" diameter.

Markings are as follows based on "clock position" around hub.

12 O'clock - LH (left hand rotation, got that)
4 O'clock - OXX-6 (The motor it was hung on)
6 O'clock - SE274
10 O'clock - The letters U and S hugging an anchor (US Navy) with the numbers 33 above it.

Anyone have any thoughts? I have a bunch of digital pictures, many taken with a tape measure in the picture to give scale that I can email if that helps.

Thanks in advance~
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