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It's very hard to find an accurate appraiser of antique propellers for estate purposes. There aren't enough sales of similar items to establish an appraisal database, so it's hard to say that it was "appraised at xxx dollars" with any kind of authority.

I can list the pluses and minuses of yours and you can come up with your own estimate. I can tell you what I think it's worth, but I wouldn't count on that to hold up to any challenges.

1. Original condition and original decals, even though aged
2. Manufactured by a company (Matthews Bros.), whose manager, Tom Hamilton, when on to form Hamilton Propellers which later merged with Standard Steel to form Hamilton-Standard, which manufactured thousands of propellers over a long span of time and is the basis for the current manufacturer United technologies, so it's of some historical interest in that respect
3. High probability of specific aircraft (see above) as opposed to "generic old propeller of unknown usage".

1. Likely was never mounted and used, and was sold off as surplus in the 1920s, along with thousands of others. Absence of witness marks on the hub and evidence of cork storage plugs in the bolt holes.
2. Damaged edges. While a little conspicuous, these aren't that big a deal for a prop which will never be anything but a display propeller.

Also, see this page.
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