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Originally Posted by b3rn View Post
.../... How would it affect that aircraft using a propeller of pitch 2640 rather than 1800?

IMHO, for a 2550 mm propeller, the incidence difference at ~2/3rd of the blade between 1800 and 2640 mm pitch is ~7.7 degrees. It is high enough to make the take-off impossible with 2640 mm pitch if 1800 mm pitch was the standard one. And also high enough to make the engine rotate past its maximum regime using 1800 mm pitch in place of a standard 2640 after take-off (and even during engine run-up).

To have an answer about your question, you need to know:
- which engine is used and what is its max torque regime AND its max power regime AND its highest possible regime,
- what was the standard approved pitch used.

It seems that Scout D were fitted with 80HP Le Rhône but some were intended to be fitted with 100 HP monosoupape. Does it exist a picture of WW1 era showing a Scout D with this 100 HP engine?

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