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No direct connection was found connecting the newly formed Jamestown Propeller Co in March 1918 to an existing manufacturing source with large capacity. However, a very strong correlation can be concluded from a local Jamestown newspaper article supplied from a researcher at the Fenton History Center in Jamestown, NY, and several other similar articles. This article describes a million dollar contract from the Edison Company of New Jersey to expand and manufacture one style ornate cabinet at 70 per day. The cabinet was 2-6 square and 4 high. The highly ornate veneer cabinets would house a motor and playing instrument. The contract was given to Jamestown Mantel Company of Falconer. As per other references, the contract was placed Sept 1917. It is suggested that per this era of time, these cabinets are for a new Edison motorized victrola cabinets. The article does list the Jamestown Mantel Co officers as Howard W Alling, president and treasurer and F J Mauer, Secretary. The Directors are H F Alling, F J Mauer, A L Calfisch, I L Thrasher, and F G Mohjeau. Other references list the same. These businessmen are the same as those incorporating the Jamestown Propeller Co.

The Edison contract required Jamestown Mantel to greatly expand manufacturing capacity. The original plant was north of Main Street near the New York Central Line in Falconer. Expansion was planned to exceed 70,000 sq ft. Jamestown Mantel was to also incorporate extensive modern machinery for capacity. Extremely highly skilled finishing work was needed for the high quality finish. Jamestown Mantle was formed in 1892. By 1896, they had 20 workers. By the early 1900s, Jamestown Mantel was also producing bar and interior furniture. It is suggested that they continued to grow by Sept 1917, when the Edison contract major expansion occurred.

The large capacity and skill level of Jamestown Mantel Co would then be ideal for selection by the military for hand carved propellers with tight tolerances and finish. It is suggested that Jamestown Propeller Co primarily used the resources of Jamestown Mantel with offices located at the same facility. There are other references indicating Jamestown Mantel continued expanding operations into the 1920s to make fine cabinets for Edison, RCA, and other newly formed radio manufacturers.

No direct reference or newspaper articles, to date, has been found indicating Jamestown Mantle forming the new company Jamestown Propeller or that they received a large military or government contract in early 1918.

There is a Jamestown Furniture History book that shows pictures of Jamestown Mantel Co manufacturing four and two blade mahogany propellers for WWI. It also indicates that Jamestown Mantel Company was forced to close in the early 1930s, 1932 is suggested from other reference, along with many other small furniture operations, due to the depression.

The researcher from Fenton History Center replied that there were at least two other Jamestown/Falconer companies making propellers. These are Munson and Johnson Company and Maddox Table. There was also a manufacturer of several models of pantograph style, propeller rough shaping, machinery and assorted other finishing machinery. This is Curtis Machinery Corp located at 1300-1340 East 2nd Street, Jamestown, NY. They had an advertisement in the Aviation and Aeronautical Engineering magazine showing 4 propellers being shaped at once from one master finished propeller. Curtis is not the Glenn Hammond Curtiss, airplane designer and manufacturer, of Hammondsport NY. It is suggested that Curtis is a local Falconer developer and producer of manufacturing machinery sold for wood making and finishing applications. There is another reference about Curtis Machinery also manufacturing propellers. No connection of these other possible manufacturers of propellers could be made to Jamestown Propeller Co or Jamestown Mantel Co, though it is suggested they could have been sub-contractors to Jamestown Propeller. There are no wooden propellers with labeling from any other of these possible manufacturers.

As mentioned earlier, all searched references will be published as pictures in later additional postings for copies and resources.

If these posts duplicate previous information about the subject, I apologize for the duplication.
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