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Originally Posted by Glen View Post
Hi Simon,
I know this thread is looking a little dated but I have recently picked up a Maurice Farman IPC 2303 prop in excellent condition here in Australia. The green paint on the hub looks the same as Dave's Airco DH1 prop. Mine doesnt have fabric tips though. I'm pretty sure this prop came off one of the 5 Shorthorns purchased for training by the Australian Flying Corps in 1916/17, 4 of which were onsold to a civilian operator. Some of the prop markings I have been able to identify on this website, but some are a mystery to me so I'll take some pictures and will post up to this thread in the next day or so if someone can help explain them to me. If you have any photos of your MF prop I would like to see them please.

I wonder if the paint is original. I don't think I've seen original props with paint only and not fabric beneath it, although they may exist. I have seen them where the paint fills the weave to the point that fabric is not really visible.
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