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The seller is giving you false information.

The diameter of 1930mm is equivalent to 6 feet 4 inches, which is smaller than virtually all of the propellers used in WW1.

The "Bu 131" stamped on the hub undoubtedly refers to the Bucher 131 Jungmann, a training aircraft first built in 1934, and the propeller may very likely have been manufactured well after that date. The "HM 60R" like refers to its Hirth HM engine.

"Modern" wooden propellers (which this certainly is) command much lower prices than original WW1 and pre-WW1 propellers. I don't know the market for German propellers, particularly post WW1 era, but my guess would be something in the $500 to $800 range in U.S. currency.

The center bore is uncharacteristically small, suggesting that it may have been rejected during the manufacturing process. (I don't know the characteristics of the Hirth engine hub, but most all other hubs have a large center bore to accommodate the crankshaft extension into the metal hub.)
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