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Ok, so the prop is a right handed one (with some softwares, it is very "easy" to flip a pic if you crop it and reduce its size at the same time).

About the sign on the right of the SFA stamp on the side with serial and prop number: it would be extremely stange that if it is also a beta letter: the prop was made and repaired (or modified) in two different workshops so it would be very amazing that the prop has been controlled by the same person.

About the hub: it seems to have been made as a tractive prop.

I don't know if geared Z9 engine existed, but it would explain the right handed prop. But then, the pitch had to be very high. Do you know how to measure it?
The Régy 804 for the 260 HP was 2.75m long and had a 2.10m pitch.

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