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Hi ahranis,

I can't read the sign beside the SFA stamps which is on the right of M1...

The three others (2 on the flat side and 1 under Cu 260) could have the same sign, which is the greek letter beta. It has nothing to do with your country or the place the prop was found. It is there because the workshop where the prop was repaired or modified was the Chauvière workshop and one of the militaries who controlled the prop in the late WW1 used this beta sign to show who has the prop controlled. I join a pic of a Ratier serial 15 which was repaired and controlled in what I guess was the same workshop.

I am still looking at pictures of Salmson aircraft of the 1917-1920 era but all where it is possible to know which way the prop was rotating show left handed prop... The only right handed are on Salmsom-Moineau where there was one right handed and one left handed on the same aircraft, but they used Salmson 230HP engine...

Just an idea: are you sure your pics #9730 and 9746b are not flipped?


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