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Originally Posted by Dbahnson View Post
Now that I compare the Salmson propeller to the Caudron propeller I realize that ahranis' prop looks like a right hand thread, but photos of the Salmson show a left hand rotating prop with the Canton Une engine.

What am I missing here?
Hi Dave, you are not missing anything, you are asking a very interesting question! I have still not found anything more specific about ahranis' prop... which have other strange details: the hub (pic DSC09733) and the assymetric aspect of blade feet on the intrados (...) side (pic DSC09732).

Originally Posted by Dbahnson View Post
It doesn't look "restored" to me, even though as PM says it may have been "modified" at some point, so it's a very nice collectible item as is.

I still have a similar prop used on the Salmson A2A. Now I'm wondering if mine was actually manufactured by Regy, although it's not apparent from markings on it. It does have a Regy "look" to it though, similar to yours.
The "modification" shown by the stamps and the letters near them are from the WW1 era or just past it. IMHO, the only "restoration" I can see is a coat of transparent varnish added "recently", at least after the prop was not airworthy anymore.

And yes, Dave, your Serial 804 is a Régy design prop. You can find it in the Gorrell's papers, and from French archives this propeller was the best to fit on Salmson 2A2 with the CU Z9 engine. And it is left handed...

@ahranis: could I have a close up of the two (normally, 3) square stamps on the flat side of the hub? Perhaps there are also two numbers near them.

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