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It is absolutly certain, from the SFA square stamp and the letter "L" and the digit "1" on its left side that the prop was made in France by Levasseur. But there is more:
- The prop shape is absolutly typical of Levasseur props.
- The lettre U on the right side of the SFA stamp is the very sign of an inspector working in Levasseur workshop.
- Levasseur and Régy props are the only French ones of the WW1 era which may have a three digits serial number between 310 and 800.
I don't know for which engine and aircraft it was designed because I have not this details in my databases, but from the shape of the (remains of the) hub, it was a pusher, perhaps for a seaplane (but possibly also for a Voisin or for a Farman or ?). If BrokenWing has not also a broken arm, he will made a clear pic of the markings which will tell us for which aircraft and engine it was made

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