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Default French Serie 540

I have photographed the next wooden 2 blade propeller and made the pictures public in another flickr album

look here for the full set of pictures if you would (thanks) :

I initially had not noticed the numbers on the side as they are extremely faint and (as you'll see) very tricky to photograph.

I have drawn them out "SERIE 540" "NUMERO 16234" and then a strange maker's mark ...I hope this helps their identification and is furthermore of interest to the forum.

The propeller measures 254cm (pretty much 100inches bang on) has 8 holes, a hub diameter of 7 an half inches or 19cm and it has a depth of 5 and a half inches or 14cm.

The number appears to not be on your current database!!

Any help on identifying the makers and aircraft would be wonderful - many thanks in anticipation.
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