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EDULZUG, also EDUL ZUG, are the initials of Entgegen Dem Uhrzeiger Lauf which translates as Against-the-direction-in-which-the-clock-hand runs when regarded by the pilot in his cockpit. This is anti-clockwise in English.

The data appears to read;
AXIAL The maker
120PS This indicates the Mercedes engine designed early in WW1, of 120hp, or the Argus 120ps engine. (The early Benz engine also produced 120hp, but I have no record of Axial making a prop for this engine.)
D275 Diameter in cm. This is the typical diameter used with the Merc 120ps engine. I have recorded several examples. 270cm equates to ten feet six inches.
St158 The pitch in cm
TP 11 Axial's Type number
11204 or 14204? The serial number. This suggests it was made around 1916.

I have recorded a 120ps prop made by Axial for the Pfalz E.V, dimensions unknown. I have also recorded a prop of these dimensions made for the Argus 120ps engine, aircraft type not known.

If anyone can read any of the data better than I have, please let us know.

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80 minutes of research.
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