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That's probably a good bet, but the stamped numbers don't match up with what you'd expect for the M Farman.

There is listed an Integral Propeller model #IPC 67A which used a 70 HP Renault engine (I suspect the "REM" was supposed to be stamped "REN"). It's possible this one was mis-stamped (something that seemed to happen with some frequency among British propeller manufacturers) and in fact was a model 67 rather than 76, but that's hardly enough suspicion to authoritatively determine it to be that aircraft. The listings I have don't specify the diameter, but another IPC propeller, IPC 2365, for the Renault 70 engine does show the diameter as 2900 mm, identical to yours.

If it was used on the Longhorn, I would expect it to have a left hand thread rather than the more common right hand thread.

Can you post some photos of the entire prop and some close-ups of the stamped information? That might help.
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