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Originally Posted by JR44 View Post
The diameter from the stamps on the other side says 2530 which is 8"3.5'.
Before I bought it I was suspicious of the nefarious 7ft measurement so I asked for confirmation of the length and was confirmed as 8"3.5'
I believe the diameter of the Se5a prop which is featured on here is the same.
The link to the listing is no longer valid and just goes to the home page for Breedon Antiques, but the original listing also stated the length in inches, and I recall it to be around 84 inches, or just around 7 feet as stated elsewhere in the listing. I think that listing posted the figure in inches and decimals and may have been 84.3" or 83.4" or something similar. (Note that 8"3.5' literally means "8 inches, 3.5 feet", which obviously is not what you meant, but the numbers coincide with the stated size if expressed only in inches.)

I regret not taking a screenshot of the entire listing before it was re-directed, but it's clear even from the picture that part of the original prop is missing.

The diameter of 2430 doesn't match the drawing number of AB 8218, so I don't know what marking you are referring to in the above post. Can you please post a picture of the "stamps from the other side" that you reference? I've never seen it, and have been under the impression that it was stamped with AB8218. Your reference to "the SE5A prop which is featured on here" is very confusing to me. What prop is that?

It's fortunate that he will accept it in return for a full refund. This could have ended badly if not, and I'm guessing that the purchase did not go through eBay, which also offers some protection for this kind of "misunderstanding".

But I also question the validity of the Sopwith Camel prop linked in your original post. I'd say it's a reproduction prop until proven otherwise, and I don't see any evidence that it's an original that has just been recently re-varnished, as implied (but not stated) in his description.
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