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Yikes. You should return it for a full refund if you want to. Here's the description from another site:

He falsely states that the propeller is "full sized", which it isn't. Look at the asymmetry of the blades and the statement that its length is "approximately 7 feet". In a previous thread Bob pointed out that its drawing number (AB 8218 ) defines a length of 2940 mm, which corresponds to 9.65 feet. While I believe that the prop is authentically "antique" with respect to its manufacture date, it is not "full sized", as roughly two feet has been removed from one blade and the blade tip re-shaped to resemble the other one. Even the proportions on the short blade are "awkward" looking compared to a normal shape on the other blade.

Whether intentionally fraudulent or not, it's not an accurate description of the item and you should be entitled to return it for a refund. That's especially true in light of your original stated intent to obtain a "full sized" prop. If you need testimonial support in any way I'm willing to provide that and suspect that Bob would be as well.

Good luck!

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