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Default Spad XIII 'Grandville' propeller

Hi all,
I'm currently building a 1:32 model of a WW1 Spad XIII C.1, Number 26 of C flight, 27th Aero Squadron, 1st Pursuit Group, based at Rembercourt, near Verdun, France during September 1918.
The photo's of this aircraft show a propeller different to that supplied in the model kit. Other sources I have describe the prop as being of a parchment tipped 'Grandville' design.
However I can't find any information of this particular 'French' propeller or manufacturer.
The leading edges of this propeller seem to indicate a clockwise rotation, as opposed to many props of that period.
The best I have found is the photo below.

Does anyone here have information or better still drawings/photos of this propeller, as I would like to replicate it,



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