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Default Hammer of truth?

Gentlemen, gentlemen, it seems like some of you are getting your knickers in a twist over this prop.
Firstly, allow me to thank you again for the advice given to me when I first joined your esteemed forum.
The initial welcome appears now to have evaporated (due, I imagine to my not following your advice and instructions to the letter) and as to the accusation that I'm here to make a fast $ (that would be as I'm English) I can honestly say that the money means nothing to me. I'm lucky enough to own two multinational businesses and have interests in others, I really don't need the cash. Buying interesting items and paintings to sell online is merely a hobby to me.
Thirdly, Bob old chap, it appears that you are seen by your chums as the prop guru (on here at least) and that you have penned a couple of books on the subject. Well done, however I'm sure you'll agree that this makes you knowledgable but it most certainly doesn't make you infallible.
I did say to you all that I had taken counsel from other quarters as well as yourselves on the subject of my prop and the info I received at that time seemed equally plausible as the info you yourselves gave me. My own expertise lies elsewhere and I'm not an authority on vintage propellors, that's why I asked you and others about the subject.
In fact, I will admit that I do have some scant general knowledge of one particular airship and am lucky enough to have acquired some airship items from the estate of a man who part designed and worked on one of the Cardington airships (the better one of the two). He was an author like you Bob.
As for the ebay listing, the title does say airship / zeppelin but it also says WW1 and WW2 and RFC and RAF. The point there chaps is that it can't be both of these can it? Thus, the title description is merely an indication of the possible origins, bearing in mind the information I had at the time.
Furthermore, the listing description states 'possibly an auxilliary propellor from a later bomber type aircraft', or words to that effect.
So, I will now apologise for offending your sensibilities on this subject which is obviously close to your hearts however you must allow people to do the things they want to do without being too dogmatic or dictatorial against them.
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