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Hi PeterJane

Thanks for sharing...that is one interesting tale.

Unfortunately my suspicion that the prop does not originate from the flying baot Maagen, was confirmed byt the Technical Museum in Denmark.

The Technical Museum in Denmark have a replica of the N.W military aircraft with an original Thulin engine, which I had a strong hunch would fit my propeller. They were kind enough to measure the boreholes and there is a match.

So now I am confident that my propeller is not from a Marine aircraft but belonged to one of the Danish Military aircrafts at the time and most likely S÷dertńlje S. W. 17 which had the same engine as the N.W but was the only aircraft manufactured by T°jhusevŠrkstedet T.V.

The Nielsen & Winther Type AA was the only other aircraft from the same period wiith a matching engine, but this aircraft was build by A/S Nielsen & Winther Aeroplanfabrik probably marked A.S.

So I think I have found my aircraft, all I need now is more concrete proof like an invoice or something.

I would still love to share information, and see if I can help you in the right direction. Does your logbook show which Maagen aircraft he flew, there are more than one you see )

Best Regards, Tue

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