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They do show up from time to time, although thanks to Snoopy they seem to be very, very much in demand. I have owned several and sold all but one of them. I would estimate that a fully original Camel propeller in very good condition would sell now for something in the $4500 to $5000 range, but perhaps even more if marketed aggressively to many of the serious collectors looking for one. None of the original props would be considered airworthy by someone flying an original or even a reproduction Camel.

Beware of reproductions, some of which apparently are made in China. Fakes are fairly easy to detect by an experienced collector. Also be suspicious of claims that any give propeller was used on a Camel. There should be clear documentation to support any such claim, usually by what's stamped on the hub.

I think the best way to think of storage and display is to treat it just as you would any piece of antique furniture.
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