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Default Early Wooden Prop I.D.

I have a prop that has the following decals and stampings on it .The decals have the name Vickers Levasseur but either side of the large bird(eagle?) carrying a stylised prop is a silver "L" on one side of the bird and a red "L" on the other side. Below all of this is "Patent No.12466.12". The stamping on one side of the hub of the prop has "MO40" beneath which is "No.225". Below this is "SERIE 151". On the other side of the hub is as follows: "NO40" and below this is "DIAMETRE 2M/0". The prop is 2,400 mm in diameter.As per the "Hub Dimensions Chart" the following has been measured.
C-4.71875" (4 23/32")
D-6.375 (Impression of metal hub on the Wood)
F-.4375 (7/16')
The prop has a pronounced scimitar shape, has 5 laminers of a reddish-brown wood.
If anyone can help me I.D. this prop I would appreciate it greatly.
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