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Boulton & Paul Ltd made between 1500 and 1575 Sop Camels from late 1917 in about fifty-seven weeks, and the high point was a production of seventy aircraft in one week. They also made propellers for the Camel and it is possible that they made all those required for the Camel production which was three per aircraft; one on the aircraft and two crated spares.

All the B & P props made for the Camel that I have seen, which is only a few, had the drawing number AD644 and for the early part of Camel production in late 1917 all would have gone to the RNAS.

All the aircraft made at B & P would have been test flown before delivery to the RNAS. It might well be that the one that you refer to, which crash-landed, was on a test flight. This of course is only a possibility but statistically the number of B & P Camel flights near Norwich must have been huge compared with other Camel activity. Most of the RNAS Camels went to RNAS Squadrons in France.

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