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Hi Bob,

Thank you for your reply and the information That's fantastic.. I have now bought the propeller and it is now hanging on my dining room wall mounted on a wooden spigot.. I only wish my ceiling was high enough to be able to spin it!

I have not yet had a proper look at it with a bright light to see if I can make out the lettering.. I'm planning to get it down tomorrow to have a good look and I shall report back with some more photos..

The previous owner has promised to dig out as much info as he can for me from his old journals etc, I hope to visit the area he said he recovered it from and see if I can unearth anymore of its story! (It's only 2 miles away and Well you never know!)

I live Only 15 miles from Norwich in the county of Norfolk where the Boulton & Paul factory was and I'm also only a couple of miles from Covehithe where I read there used to be a RFC airfield which was an RNAS night airfield prior to that! So also a possible link to the RN reference you mention?

Is it possible to tell year of manufacture from the Batch number? I guess this would be tricky as there would be several makers? I have found PP in a circle stamped on it too, I guess there will be inspection marks?

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