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Default Propellor Identification

I am a museum curator and was recently given this propellor by a member of the public who believed it came off a Second World War aircraft. However, although I have no aviation knowldege, and by using the checklist on the website, I don't believe this to be the case.
It is 96 inches long, very dark wood (possibly mahog.), 8 bolt holes, centre bore diameter of 3.25 inch, hub thickness of 6". It has numerous markings that I hope you can see from the photo including 4 squares stamped on the top row of A.I.D. and 2 I V underneath. A 5th square has A.I.D. with 702 underneath and a large S either side, but outside the square. In addition there are red stampings which have rubbed but I can just make out G.606.N.21 and ??GAR??3RH. [img][/img]
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