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Default 1/8 scale Axial propeller for Hasegawa Dr.1

Hi everyone,

A couple of years ago on The Aerodrome I had some requests for some 1/8 scale Axial propellers to suit the Hasegawa Fokker triplane. I have been measuring and studying an original Garuda propeller, also for the Oberursal U.R.II, so I could build these in 1/8 scale, or any other scale as required too. They were not fitted to the Fokker triplane in service, but they were fitted to the Fokker E.V and D.VIII, so if anyone is building a model (or even a full sized) Fokker parasol I could build one for you.

I had lost track of who needed propellers, but I recently received an e-mail from a member who was one of those who wanted a 1/8 scale Axial propeller, so I have started to make one. It is nearly finished, so I thought it was time to post some photos of the progress I have been making on this propeller. The first one is a generic one built from the drawings I have. I have been told that it was drawn from measurements taken from an original propeller, which I am sure that it was, but it has perfectly even laminations, which I don't believe to be typical of German propellers. The Garuda propeller, for example has laminations varying from about 11mm to 35mm or more and they are not even parallel to each other!

My plan is to build some more specific propellers with the typical variations in lamination order and thickness, but that will take time and I only have the generic one and the associated formers for it at the moment.

The photos are of the laminations stacked together, although not in their exact final locations, front and rear views, the laminations seperated and laying adjacent to each other, and the formers I have made in order to align each lamination when I glue them together.

I hope you enjoy the photos, and I will look forward to hearing from Sam, or anyone else who would like such a propeller built.
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