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You're very welcome David. I have some experience, and am trying to become an expert WW1 propeller builder, but I'm just like you really, asking people and trying to learn as much as I possibly can.

I think you're right, they are epoxy adhesives, as far as I know. I don't know which specific glue and filler you should use. I could go to the fibreglass supplies shop and ask the owner. I have heard that they all have very similar properties to each other, and the modern two part epoxies are stronger than the timber, so it's very difficult to go wrong I would suggest. The only real danger is adding too much hardener, which results in a glue which ironically never sets properly. If measured carefully this will never be an issue.

I grew up in England, and usually spell propeller with an or at the end. I'm not sure if I learned this spelling at school or if I just made it up somehow. How do you spell propeller over there?


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