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Default de Havilland Moth propeller

I received the following details below via a private message, now with the authors name deleted. My observations are in red!

Hello, I have come across a prop with a clock in it. The data on the hub reads:

Do9" p49" Diameter miss-read. It's D 6ft 9ins and Pitch 4ft 9ins
Sept/36 Date of manufacture
Drg No DH5220/L The drawing number
Gipsy II III & Major Engine types possible for this prop
L.H.T[/I] A left hand tractor configuration

The prop was used on the DH Tiger Moth, a WW2 basic trainer, used in GB as well as South Africa, Texas, and Canada. Most of the training airfields outside GB were chosen for their blue skies, a meteorological condition seldom seen in Great Britain. 1936 was the first year of expansion of the British and Dominion armed forces to meet the emerging threat from Germany via the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP)

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