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I can only give you the broadest answer.

There is a spectrum of prices. A WW1 prop in GB in excellent unrestored condition with a maker's decal selling at a renowned auction house, which has a world-wide distribution list for its specialist catalogue, might sell for a hammer price of 2400, which the auctioneers percentage would reduce to 1900 for you, the seller.

Such a prop, tidied and refreshed by the cabinet maker of a dealer of renown, might be offered by him for 4999.99!

A similar prop with damage and a nice shiny new coat of polyurethane varnish might sell for at auction 600 but probably wouldn't sell at all.

So, the conclusion is that the insurance value of the propeller is 5000, which is the replacement value if lost or destroyed. The most you could expect to raise from selling it would be 1500-1900 GBP.

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