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Nice looking prop that looks to be in original condition (a BIG plus for collectibles) and based on the hub impressions in the wood it looks as if it was mounted and used.

I've attached a scan of a Cook field document from 1921 that lists some of the many propellers used at that time and although it's not a very clear document it does looks as if yours is listed on it as used on an "Ordnance D" aircraft with a Hisso 300 engine. The number X14_19 is fairly clear and I think the blurred number is more likely a "3" than an "8". Also the right hand tractor and the diameter of 8 ft 6 inches match. Standing RPMs were listed as 1550 but I've seen variability in those stampings compared to other listed data.

I just looked in Peter Bowers book, Curtiss Aircraft 1907-1947 and copied two pages (183, 184) referring to the Orenco D aircraft. Orenco stands for "Ordnance Engineering Company" which used a 300 HP Hispano Suiza engine, so I'm 99% sure that your propeller is a match for that aircraft, of which Curtiss apparently won the contract to build 50 planes.

It's quite true that a number of propeller manufacturers built propellers for the Curtiss company, but yours was almost certainly manufactured by Curtiss themselves.

Be sure not to try to "restore" or otherwise attempt to make it look better. It's MUCH more valuable in original condition, and although not related to a particularly noteworthy aircraft is still relatively rare in the whole scheme of things.


It's even listed on Wikipedia as Orenco D.
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