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The scratches don't matter, nor does the cracking on the varnish surface.

Ebay asking prices are all over the place, and and many if not most are blantantly absurd. You'll note that those high opening bid ones stay listed for months. I've sold off most of my own collection in a few separate sales, picking prices based on my own estimation of what a fair "market price" might be and virtually all of them sold at those prices. If yours had been included in that lot and I had to pick a number I probably would have listed it for $1350, but it was also in the company of some props that were worth 4 or 5 times that amount, most all of them WW1 era, which do command higher prices. I think you would get about that amount on eBay, but if your cousin wants it you should keep it in the family. If he doesn't, I'll offer $1000 and would sell it to someone later.

Does that help?
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