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Thanks for that information. We had no intention of refinishing it or doing anything to alter it whatsoever. My late father's cousin expressed a strong desire to buy it, and he got my dad's OK. But we never discussed a price before Dad died.

So, here I am. That cousin lives several states away from my sister, who is keeping it for the moment. She is tired of storing it in her garage, even though it doesn't take up that much space in a large garage, so yeah, we need to sell it. I don't even live in the US, so there is no other option of storing it anywhere.

My dad kept it after he got it from his father, so it's been in the family since the 1920s, and Dad passed away almost a year and a half ago. Despite my efforts here and at the Smithsonian, I have not really gotten a certain ID on it. eBay has similar ones, but no exact match. I'm quite satisfied selling it to that cousin, but I really want to do so at a fair price for everyone. Having seen eBay prices between $300 and $3500, and knowing ours has a couple of scratches on it, I'm still not sure what to ask for it.

Any more advice would be greatly appreciated.
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