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Originally Posted by Glenski View Post

What more can I do to evaluate the potential worth of this prop?
Unfortunately, the "market" for wooden propellers is small and inconsistent, which means that any appraisal would at best be rough guess by the person making that assessment. The attributes that add to value are fairly straightforward, however, and include age, original condition, intact original decals, and identification of usage (typically an aircraft). Yours has the first two of those, but the third may never be known.

Equally unfortunately, the best way to know what it's worth is to sell it, and eBay remains the venue with the largest number of viewers on a regular basis. Someone might buy it on the hope that he/she can identify it, but frankly I think the odds of eventual identification are low.

What do the tips of the propeller look like? That might be an important clue and I don't think I've seen photos of them.
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