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Default What did I Buy??!


I was out and about today searching for old propellers and vintage aircraft instruments. On the backroads I stumbled upon a small town antique store and picked up 2 propellers. Just wanted to get some info on them and what they could be worth?

McCauley Propeller (Measures over 80 inches) (Metal with white striped tips)
Des No. IA200/Type Cert 874 Prod Cert 3/Des No 152712/Serial No. IB002#

Sensenich Corp. Propeller (Measures about 40 inches) (Wooden with red tips)
P/N-22008/Moedel No. 276-1/Serial No. 4750

Both propellers are in good condition. The McCauley is not bent or chipped but appears to have decent wear and tear on the leading edge. The Sensenich wooden prop is in good condition, the wood is not cracked or separating.

Any info would be helpful like what planes these came off of and value


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