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Thanks Dave for your support. I'm old fashioned. I expect people to recognise my work for them.

One of my replies can typically take two hours to research and cross reference, partially because I'm seventy years old and I do everything slowly. I often have the sensation that our much younger correspondents regards us as an inanimate computer service, not as a conversation between humans. I do sometimes wonder why I bother. On a beautiful June day I'd often prefer to be out bird watching.

Tongue in cheek, perhaps we should have a standard five dollar fee for each question. It would contribute to the enormous personal expense you have made funding this forum and it might reduce our workload. Probably few of our fellow forumites are aware that it has cost you some thousands of dollars.

A friend who sells antique clocks was so annoyed by the number of unsolicited requests for research and for valuations to his website that he introduced a 20 GBP charge, about $30 USD, and to his astonishment the number of queries grew! People were willing to pay and found his advice good value for money.

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Bob Gardner
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