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'Morning Mike,

I am about six months away from publishing my databases on CD. I first have to finish and publish the last in my series of books on WW1 German props. I'll put a note here and on my website as both things come to market.

I have recorded your prop before, presumably from the man you bought it from.

The drawing number is AM2442, where AM indicates AIRCO who built all the WW1 aircraft designed by Geoffrey de Havilland, and this prop was fitted to both the DH4 and DH9 with various engines. The DH4 is recorded with the RAF3A engine of 200hp but I have not found any reference to the DH9 using the RAF 3A engine. It was often fitted with the BHP 230hp engine.

The specified diameter and pitch for the prop were 3050mm and 3670mm respectively but makers were allowed small variations due to production tolerances; hence yours at 3048 vice 3050 and 3640 against 3670mm.

I have recorded only one maker of this prop, other than AIRCO, which was WT Lord. The Ministry of Munitions paid 35-10s-6d for a similar size of four-bladed prop.

I believe the contract for batch number 289 was issued in Autumn 1917, but a batch of 500 props made by Bristol for the Bristol Scout, with batch numbers from 302 to 306 was delivered in January and February 1918. It is likely that a three month gap between the issue of the contract and delivery was normal.

As ever, there is a degree of supposition in my interpretation of the data that I have gathered, so my views should not be thought of as immutable fact.

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