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Default German Propellers of WW1, Part Two

A note to let fellow forumites know that Part Two of my series on German Propeller Makers of WW1 is available from my website,

It covers makers from Geest to LZ, both of whom are almost completely unknown (!) but in between are well known makers such as Germania, Heine, Intégrale which was the German subsidiary of Chauvière's company, which severed its links with the French parent company on the outbreak of war in 1914, and in 1916 metamorphosed into the Imperial Propellerwerke; and lastly the Luckenwalde Propellerwerke, a total of sixteen makers.

The book comprises 180 pages with 240 illustrations, all in colour except for period photographs.

We produced this German series in softback format to reduce the sale price but several customers have asked for a hardback copy which we have now produced. It is not yet available on my website but can be ordered by emailing me (aeroclocksatbtinternetdotcom) written thus to hide from the spam bots! Or send me a PM.

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