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Hi Bob,

In this case the presented photo is enough to identify the maker. I am pretty sure it is a Reschke propeller.

Here is why:

Of the manufacturers you name above, there are only three who do not stamp their name on the data side of the hub. Tanking into account that I exclude Becker since I have no photos of their markings. I will get to Becker later on.

So far only Niendorf, Reschke and Wöhlert remain.

Niendorf is not the manufacturer, because the order in which they stamp the data does not match the photo and the abbreviations are stamped behind the numbers. Focusing on Steigung it wood need to be "175 St" for Niendorf to match.

Reschke is fully in sync with the presented photo and is visually a good match.

Wöhlert comes close since they stamp in the same order as Reschke does, but differ in the use of abbreviations. The use of the numero sign "№" in front of the serial number is omitted. They only stamp the plain serial number. Secondly they use "ST" as abbreviation for Steigung opposed to the "St" for Reschke without a capital T.

Why not Becker? Because of the serial number.

I wonder if we ever hear back from Illenberger...

Best Regards,

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