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Your data translates as;
N14526 Maker's serial number
180ps 180hp
Argus Engine Maker
D 290 Diameter in cm
ST 175 Pitch in cm

This is not sufficient data to identify the prop to a maker or an aircraft. Is there any more on the other side of the hub or on the hub faces or on the blades?

These makers below made props for the Argus ASIII and ASIIIa:
Axial, Becker, Fliegel, Germania, Heine, Niendorf,
Reschke and Wohlert.

And the engine was used in:
Albatros C Ia (BFW)
Albatros C VI
Hannover CL II, CL III, and CL IIIa
Rumpler C type

I have not recorded a prop for an Argus engine with the exact dimensions of yours. The nearest is one made by Niendorf with D295 and ST172 used on the Hannover CL II and III.

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