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REG 06-13-2017 03:39 AM

Identification if possible please
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My Uncle flew Spitfires V6 and Mustang mark 111 during WW2. He passed away many years ago and now my aunt has followed him. I found a propeller under their home during the cleanup. I hope someone can tell me what aircraft it is off. Im in Brisbane Australia so i would assume that the prop is from an aircraft here in Australia.
Some details are.
Overall length 2800 mm
The widest part of the blade is 255 mm
The hub diameter is 215 mm
There are 8 x 10mm holes in the hub
The centre hole is 76 mm diameter
It has 7 laminated pieces of timber
It has brass? tips
What i assume is the front has G.98.N.15 Stamped on the hub
The rear has G.98.N.15 T56 then possibly58
on the other side of the hub it has two letters unreadable so i will use ?? for unknown characters.
??2.B.120.A? LAR
There is also a 2 stamped at the edge of the hub.
Any info would be appreciated

Dbahnson 06-14-2017 10:46 AM

I don't have my reference materials handy, so hopefully Bob Gardner or Pierre can fill in some details. I will note that it is a left hand rotation, rather than the more standard right hand type.

REG 06-15-2017 05:59 AM

So far i think it is from a FE2B WW1 bomber according to the numbering on the hub. 120 hp motor so its old.

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