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Bob Gardner 08-30-2012 09:07 AM

Books; British WW1 Propellers, May 2013 Update
A note to let you all know that I have completed my series of books on British propellers of WW1.

The series begins with an introduction to British WW1 props which describes how they were made and the regulations controlling their manufacture.

Five books then follow, generally of about 150 pages each which describe all the British makers from A to Z, about 125 of them. The description of the Lang Propeller Co also describes the role of Lang when he advised the USN in 1917-18 on how to mass produce propellers using woodworkers such as piano makers and car body builders.

[COLOR="Red"]The final part, part five, has just been printed. It costs 41.00 GBP. You can order all my other books at:

The books have been made to a high standard with a dust jacket, a hardback cover and art quality paper throughout. Cross & Cockade, the British magazine of the First World War Aviation Historical Society reviewed the series and described them as a handsome work of scholarship by the world authority on the subject.

With kind regards,


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